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Posted on March 5th, 2015

01/18/2017 Statistics in a changing world

06/06/2016 The smart house is still stupid

06/06/2016 A human-pig chimera to create organs for transplant

06/06/2016 How good is the computer as a cook, painter or writer

12/25/2015 The open sourcing of AI technology by Elon Musk, Google and Facebook

12/16/2015 California issues draft guidelines for driverless cars – you will still be responsible for any traffic tickets

11/20/2015 High tech comes to … curling

10/08/2015 Giving internet access to cows helps farmers

05/06/2015 How 3-d printing is saving the Italian artisan

03/30/2015 After frustration with the FAA, Amazon is testing drones in Canada

03/29/2015 The pricing of everything: the future of apps

03/06/2015 Shaping the future through the eyes of Ray Kurzweil, Sebastian Thrun, Peter Thiel, Joe Gebbia

03/05/2015 The Game of War as more than just a game:

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