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Wither #AI?

Posted on June 29th, 2017


06/29/2017 @Galvanize, 315 Hudson Street, NY, 2nd floor

Gary Kazantsev @Bloomberg spoke about trends, predictions, and issues related to #MachineLearning.

He first outlined the major trends in #AI

  1. Interdisciplinary research – inputs from psychology, neurobiology
  2. Openness in research – sharing of the latest models
  3. AI Safety movement
  4. Accelerating change and research in the field

Gary next spoke about the lack of consensus on when machines will achieve general intelligence to match that of humans. Here there is bifurcation in the distribution ½ saying by 2050, ½ in 100 years or never.

He went over how AI is changing many fields including law, medicine, transportation,… He also talked about current trends of research.

He emphasizing the important of interpretability of how the model arrived at a decision. This push for interpretability comes from two directions.

  1. Models, especially in medicine and finance need to be understandable and be able to be modified. In medicine, a model may indicate that some acute cases need not be put in the ICU, but this is because these patients receive better treatment since they are critical. In finance, investors need to know when a new situation arises that was not in the training set.
  2. In 2016 the #EuropeanUnion established rules (#GeneralDataProtectionRegulation) that give consumer the right to an explanation and right to be forgotten. This rule will require a complete overhaul of algorithms so the algorithm decisions can be explained to consumers including the constituents of the training set, the parameters of the algorithm, etc.


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