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Posted on May 6th, 2017

05/04/2017 @Ebay, 625 6th Ave, NY 3rd floor

John Novak @QxBranch talked about the process in developing quantum computers. The theory is based on Adiabatic optimization. With each qubit is started at low energy levels along with couplings with the energy levels amplified so there is a high probability that the correct solution state will be the realized output when the quantum field collapses.

In the architecture of the D-Wave computer, qubits are organized in 4 x 4 cells in a pattern called a Chimera graph. These nodes are joined together to increase the number of digits. This raises certain challenges since all nodes are not connected to all other nodes: some logical nodes need to be represented multiple items in the physical computer.

Other challenges are running the quantum computer for a sufficiently long time to refine the probabilistic output. Challenges to increase the number of digits in the computer include the need to supercool more wires and adding error correction circuits. Eventually room –temperature superconductors will need to be developed.

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