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#TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning

Posted on June 7th, 2016


06/06/2016 @Audible Inc, 1 Washington Place, Newark, NJ 15th floor

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Joshua Gordon @Google talked about #MachineLearning and the TensorFlow package. TensorFlow is an open source library of machine learning programs. Using the library you can manipulate tensors by defining graphs that are functions operating on the multivariate structures.

The library runs on Linux and OSx. The library runs on Windows using Docker. Support for Android is on the way. Joshua showed several applications including one that repaints an image in van Gogh’s style by merging levels from the network identifying colors from the original image with layers from a second network trained on the painter’s style.

Next, Yufeng Guo @Google talked about out-of-the-box machine learning APIs to classify images. Google has a cloud vision API and will shortly release a speech API.

The vision API imports a jpg file and outputs a description in JSON format including items identified and the confidence that the items are correctly identified. It also gives the coordinates of items identified and links to the full description of the items in Google’s database. The face detection routine also outputs information such as the rollAngle, JoyLikelihood, etc. The service is free for up to 1000 requests per month.

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