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#PostGresSQL conf 2016: #InternetOfThings in industry

Posted on April 19th, 2016

#PGConfus2016  #pgconfus  #postgresql

04/19/2016 @ New York Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

Parag Goradia @GE talked about the transformation of industrial companies into software and analytics companies. He talked about three ingredients of this transformation

  1. Brilliant machines – reduce downtime, make more efficient = asset performance management
  2. Industrial big data
  3. People & work – the field force an service engineers

Unlike the non-industrial internet of things, sensors are already in place within machinery such as jet engines. However, until recently, only summary data when uploaded into the cloud. Industrial users are moving toward storing a much fuller data set. For instance, a single airline flight may yield 500gig of data.

The advantages of improved performance and maintenance are huge. He estimates over $ 1 trillion per year in savings. With this data collection goal, GE has created Predix, a cloud store using PostGres. Key features are

  1. Automated health care checks/backups
  2. 1 touch scalability
  3. No unscheduled downtime
  4. Protected data sets

Parag talked about selected applications of this technology

  1. Intelligent cities – using existing infrastructure such as street lights add sensors
  2. Health cloud advanced visualization – putting scans on the cloud for 3-d visualization and analytics

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