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Posted on March 14th, 2016


03/14/2016 @95 Pershing Plaza, Jersey City, NJ
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Nick Van Hoogenstyn spoke about HackerRank, a tool for testing programmers. Common uses are

  1. Screening of job candidates
  2. Resource when holding hackathons
  3. Training tool to evaluate the learning of skills

Nick described three products

  1. – openly available to all for coding challenges and timed contests with prizes
  2. HackerRank for Work – paid candidate assessment program.
    1. Questions can be send to candidates for their completion
    2. A collaborative coding session allows interviewers to see how candidates solve questions
  3. HackerRank Jobs – mobile app that developers use to prove their skills (automatically generates a score and gives feedback)

Nick then walked through a series of problems that a candidate might face. He then talked about the measures that an interviewer/evaluator can use

  1. A plagiarism flag for suspicious code
  2. A slider to replay the individual keystrokes
  3. Execution time and memory used by the completed program
  4. Breakdown on time spent on each question

He talked about how questions can be taken from a library or can be custom generated. The evaluator can select the programming language(s) that the candidate can use.

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