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Posted on December 9th, 2015

NYC Smart City

12/09/2015 @ConsolidatedEdison, 4 Irving Place, NY


Lucas Finco moderated a discussion on initiatives to modernize the energy grid in New York City. The discussants were John Shipman from ConEd, Jeremiah Miller from Smarter Grid Solutions, and Nicholas Davis from GridMarket.

Major points discussed included

  1. How incentives drive the market to provide more power to New York without adding capital investments to cover higher peak demands. This means an emphasis on reducing peak demand using systems such as batteries, thermal storage, chillers, etc. The emphasis has been on locations with the least amount of head room as in the Brooklyn-Queens demand program.
  2. Increased alternative electricity production also requires a reconsideration of the risks to the overall system as more reliance is placed on 3rd party generators of electricity and off-grid storage by individuals/companies using batteries. Overall system reliability and production quality (harmonics on the grid) are some considerations.
  3. How can ConEd move toward a model in which they control the overall distribution of power, but much of the generation and distribution is handled by others?
  4. Can an electricity company make money by selling production/usage data about its network? What privacy issues are involved? Could data be used to estimate the number of TVs in a household and when they need to be upgraded?
  5. What is the timing of incentives? How do we avoid giving incentives such as those given from CFL light bulbs. CFLs (pollution and performance issues) were quickly replaced by LED bulbs which are economically viable without incentive.
  6. What is the right level of incentive to encourage alternative electricity generation and storage?
  7. How can one accurately predict future needs given the rapidly changing technologies of electric cars, batteries, grid management, etc.


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