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#IBM #Watson and #FacialRecognition

Posted on November 16th, 2015

NUI Central

11/16/2015 @Wework, 69 Charlton St, NY

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Before the main presentation, Roberto Valenti @Sightcorp talked about his company’s development of face analysis technology. The technology can extract information from up to 50 faces simultaneously including age, gender, mood – facial expression, ethnicity, attention

Future applications could include: home automation, gaming (map to avatar, or use as input), medical, interactive ads in a public spaces.

In the main presentation, Michael Karasick @ IBMWatson talked about the applications and APIs currently offered by Watson:

  1. Personality API which correlates word usage in one’s writing with the author’s personality.
  2. Analyze tone of works (email) to target a demographic.
  3. Respond to questions over the phone
  4. Control emotional expressions for Pepper, a robot from Softbank
  5. Vision diagnosis of melanoma
  6. Chef Watson interprets recipes incorporating your food preferences
  7. Watson Stories summarizes stories using natural language analysis. Currently it is being refined using supervised learning under the guidance of an internal team at Watson: System receives feedback on the tone, etc.

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