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The #UX of Events Data: helping event organizers understand their audience

Posted on October 14th, 2015

UX + Data

10/14/2015 @Pivotal Labs, 625 6th Ave, NY

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Chett Rubenstein @InsightXM spoke about InsightXM’s work on understanding attendance and registration of events such as trade shows, conferences, and festivals.

Chett described how insightXM can analyze the data which organizers already collect to help them achieve their goals such as increasing attendance, reaching a target market, etc.

He then talked about how insightXM improved their process to help the clients solve their problems. They proceeded in three iterations:

  1. First iteration – build a platform to upload data with some basic analytics
  2. Second iteration – build tools to help clients visualize files with large numbers of fields. Build mouse-overs so you can see the contents of the data fields. One of their interactive graphs shows the cumulative registrations over time, a map of the geographic distribution of registrations, and a slider and filters to slice the data by time and customer characteristics.
  3. Third iteration – make the data upload and categorization easy. The deliverables are bullet points summarizing any graphics presented to the client. InsightXM does the analysis behind the scenes.

Chett talked about current and future directions of insightXM and marketing in general.

  1. Increased used of behavioral analytics to better know the customer
  2. Linguistic analysis of marketing materials
  3. Real time demographic and behavioral prediction of customer preferences. For example, once a badge is scanned at a booth, you will know the individual’s behavioral preferences.
  4. Demographic lead scoring within CRM systems
  5. Referral engines at conferences suggesting sessions to attend based on individual preferences and behavior patterns of other attendees


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