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Is #NUI the next breakthrough in #UI #Biometrics / #Personalization / #Identification?

Posted on September 21st, 2015

NUI Central

09/21/2015 @WeWork, 69 Charlton St., NY

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Alexey Khitrov @SpeechPro spoke about his company’s #VoiceRecognition product. The product recognizes a user by his/her voice or voice + facial image. The voice + face system is used by Wells Fargo as one option to log into their mobile app. The system asks you to place your image within the view of your cell camera and then asks you to read aloud four numbers displayed on the screen. The system verifies both image and voice. The procedure replaces logins needing passwords.

The processing is split between the phone and server, but will eventually reside on the phone alone. The system examines the image for “liveliness” and matches lip movements with the number spoken. Both use a variety of technologies to arrive at a verification score that can be passed to the server.

The Amazon Echo does not have a camera and login requires voice input. For this, SpeechPro has developed a system which monitors continuous speech patterns and gives an evaluation for the conversation as a whole and the conversation over the last 5 seconds. In this way, the system continually verifies that the speaker is a valid user and if there is a change in speakers during the conversation.

Lastly, Alexey talked about a further layer of security they are implementing. Instead of displaying the four digit code that the user reads aloud, the digits will be hidden in a 5 x 5 matrix of numbers. Only the user will know the cells within the matrix containing the digits requested.

In summary, this is a product that could make it much easier to access your accounts on the internet as well as increasing account security. As this methodology becomes more popular, the security of the technology will be tested by new methods of attack.

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