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#HTML5: #web tools, exquisite corpse, web #accessibility

Posted on September 2nd, 2015


09/01/2015 @GoldmanSachs, 200 West Street, NY

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Three speakers talked about a range of topics including: web-development tools, exquisite corpse, and improving web site accessibility.

In the first talk, Glenn Hinks @Kiswe mobile urged the audience to rethink the tools they use to develop web sites and showed how modern tools (I don’t mean ‘vi’) can speed development and improve maintainability. He recommended the following:

Editors: Atom, sublime

Code testing: JSHint,JSLint, ESLiint

Testing the back end code: Supertest, Mocha, supersamples

For more details see:

In the second talk, Jane Kim @janecakemaster spoke about her site which displays a line of poetry and asks the viewer to text in the next line of the poem (a.k.a. exquisite corpse). She used the following tools to create the site:  hapijs, firebase, nodeJS

Justin Pachter @ebay spoke about improving web site accessibility for those with disabilities.  He spoke about ARIA – accessible rich internet applications –how to ad navigation guidelines, etc and how they have implemented many of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.  One of the main goals is to provide information in tags so systems such as Jaws (Windows) and voice-over (Mac) can access and vocalize the page contents.

Justin talked about many best practices using html5 tags. These include having only one h1 elements to provide a focus for the page and displaying all images so users to tab through visible images on a page.

He recommended testing your site using the accessibility compliance tool

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