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CodeDrivenNYC: #management of software teams, #JSON schema

Posted on September 17th, 2015

CodeDriven NYC

09/16/2015 @FirstMark,100 5th Ave, NY

Two speakers talked about different aspects of software development.

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In the first talk, Seth Purcell @Signpost spoke about various aspects of management in a software company. His emphasis was on the idea that the goals of managing a team are no different from your individual pursuit of quality outputs: efficient allocation of resources (people vs your time) and developing skills (mentoring vs self-education).

Seth talked about ways a manager can fail: common failure modes

  1. Doing your old job – staying in the code
  2. Being a reluctant manager
  3. Not hiring the best
  4. Engineers gone wild
  5. “we’re a very flat organization” == we don’t know what management is

He closed by talking about steps one can undertake toward becoming a manager – it is hard. less fun than engineering. Take ownership of a project. Then take ownership of a complex project which requires others.

Seth recommended several books including:

High Output Management by Andrew Grove

The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker


In the second presentation, Michael Boufford @Greenhouse proposed adoption of universal schema to streamline the interpreting JSON outputs from RESTful APIs. The schema would be standard templates for data, such as names with web sites publishing the schema and code to automate verification that the JSON followed these templates. He also proposed that the schema definitions would be nested.

In the discussion, an audience member suggested that APIBlueprint, which generates a JSON schema from documentation, is already a step in this direction.

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