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WTF #Wearables: making wearables useful

Posted on May 4th, 2015

Make stuff that works – pop-up conference, #makestuffthatworks

 NYC UX Acrobatics

05/01/2015 @Loft W, 240 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Liza Kindred @ThirdWaveFashion talked about the 9 billion connected devices that populate our world and why many only clutter our lives. She first compared the me-too products such as “just another fit band” versus some products she sees as both innovative and useful:

  1. June UV monitoring bracelet – limit sum exposure for skin cancer
  2. Color correcting glasses – to help those with specific types of color blindness
  3. Motion sensing baby monitor – to avoid SIDS
  4. Motorola Tattoo – unlock a user’s mobile device display with only the use of their voice that is monitored by an electronic skin tattoo.

Liza next talked about some guidelines she recommends when developing a new wearable :

  1. No more novelty – create only for utility or joy
  2. Future proof the technology – devices can be upgraded
  3. Provide security – device needs to be secure
  4. Build for the network – talk to each other
  5. Build wearables for humans – make the interaction natural
  6. Blend fashion with technology – people are going to want to wear what we create
  7. Narrow the digital divide
  8. Make something the world needs – e.g. the Kite patch makes humans invisible to mosquitoes.

She summarized her thoughts in three key questions for users and developers/designers:

  1. Would I wear this? Is it beautiful? Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  2. Will I keep this device charged? – does it have long lasting benefits
  3. Does the world really need this?

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