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The real truth about what goes #viral in #SocialMedia

Posted on May 6th, 2015

 Make stuff that works – pop-up conference, #makestuffthatworks

 NYC UX Acrobatics

05/01/2015 @Loft W, 240 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Ida Jackson first differentiated between having a popular web posting versus having a useful site. She emphasized that the most useful sites are not very popular since they are the nuts and bolts of how to do things, such as apply for a passport.

With that said, she then talked about what makes a web site popular. The key is generating a strong positive emotional arousal. This might include hilarity, inspiration, astonishment, exhilaration. These are not characteristics we would want to see in banks, local governments, etc.

To appeal to a lot of people you need to reach them emotionally and know what they are willing to share. Two essential characteristics are:

  1. Will it pass the mom-test?
  2. Do you stand out?

Other factors that are often important are?

  1. Does it appeal to a sense of community
  2. Does it tell a story?

Make sure you know which content is too important to be a viral hit.

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