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Posted on May 4th, 2015

Make stuff that works – pop-up conference, #makestuffthatworks

NYC UX Acrobatics

05/01/2015 @Loft W, 240 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Donna Lichaw @Greatnorthernelectric talked about the importance of a story to communicate your ideas and convert customer insights into customer actions.

Donna first talked about how a story moves along a narrative arc (her slides)

  1. beginning – exposition (hero, goal, setting); then the inciting incident or complication
  2. middle – rising action. A crisis (close to meeting goal, but a problem). climax
  3. end – falling action or denouement

The end needs to be better off than in the start. The end also sets the stage for a sequel

The narrative arc is a powerful tool as it emotionally draws the audience into the story.

Donna next talked about her experiences as a customer and the importance of her emotional involvement in the sales narrative: she envisions the customer’s journey s a hero’s journey with the climax being inciting the customer to action. In the most successful sales pitches, the narrative is not selling products. Instead, the story:

  1. communicates a shared vision
  2. innovates and prioritizes against that shared vision
  3. aligns the user towards that shared vision

The key is to build story into the conceptual model where the climax provides value or delight.

The following links are to Donna’s previous presentation on the role of stories in prototyping and David Kuelz’s presentation on story design for games.

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