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Benton C. #Bainbridge, #video #artist

Posted on April 15th, 2015

Volumetric Society, Hardware Hack Lab

04/15/2015 @ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison, Ave, NY


Benton C. Bainbridge talked about his current projects and his development as an artist.

Benton’s father was an engineer at NASA and his mother was an artist, so he grew up playing with discarded NASA electronics hardware in his basement while exploring film making on physical film. He became interested in collaborative film making which eventually lead him to experimentation with manipulating the images on cathode ray tube TVs.

He next talked about early explorations of TV images including plugging an audio input into the video input jack. Other effects, many pioneered by Nam June Pak and others, included magnets to change the path of the electron beam and modifying the video controls to adjust the position, size, brightness of the image, etc. One of his favorite tools was the Rutt/Etra visual synthesizer.

Benton next talked about more recent works. These include the RGBD toolkit which manipulates the image based on inputs from the Kinect. He has used delays on TIVO playback as part of his portrait series. He also talked about an installation with two iPads used as controllers for visual filters and two screens. You can stand in from of one iPad manipulating the image of the person standing in front of the other iPad. The other person is manipulating an image of you.

The best sources for earlier materials are videos on youtube.

The best source for current material is his web site.

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