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#Visualizing un-aggregated data using #D3.javascript

Posted on November 24th, 2014

NYC D3.js

George Murphy @georgeLmurphy @Nomi

11/24/2014 @Pivotal, 625 6th Ave, NY

Two presentations. One by George Murphy showing how he used d3 routines to create interactive web graphics. The second by Sebastian Gutierrez was a beginner tutorial on d3. My notes do not cover that presentation.

20141124_191818[1] 20141124_192103[1] 20141124_192535[1]

George presented four case studies

  1. Behavior timelines showed time lines for individual shoppers including the sequence and time spent on various activities in the store.
  2. Occupancy by hour showed when people are sitting at specific seats in a restaurant. The site showed the occupancy of seats on a floor plan and individuals hours can be clicked to show the percent occupancy and which seats are occupied at that time.
  3. Nomi, his current company, placed 250 large “eggs” at various points in Manhattan. Each egg had a beacon so smart phone users could “collect” eggs. George showed a site where one can query by location, accumulated visits and select eggs by common themes.
  4. A site for exploring the trick-by-trick elements in a head-to-head skateboard competition. Tricks were synced to videos and results could be viewed in many ways: by elimination round winners, tricks successful/failed by individual, round, etc. offensive/defense and keyed to the videos.

George mentioned the following useful resources on visualization

Bret Victor – Ladder of Abstraction

Books: “Visualize This” by Nathan Yao

Books – “Align Left” by Scott Murray

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