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Domain driven design for #noSQL and multi-model #databases

Posted on November 10th, 2014

Monthly Java Meetup

11/10/2014 @ Grubhub 1065 6th Ave, NY

Max Neunhoffer @ArangoDB

20141110_192824[1] 20141110_192244[1]

Max talked about how the there are different database structures for different types of database queries: #documents, #key/value stores, #graphs. Frequently there are queries of a single set of data that are searched in different ways. For example this may be handled using one type of database (NoSQL) with inefficient methods when queries are for “shortest path” which are best queried with in a graph database (Neo4j).

Max talked about how ArangoDB has developed a single database that allows for efficient queries, regardless of the structure of the data, using subqueries and javaScript functions within queries.

The main argument for this approach is if you are starting a database in which you might not know the full extent of the queries that might be eventually be used. The flexibility to handle the data using different data models may be useful in the future.

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