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JavaOne 2014 Recap

Posted on October 28th, 2014

New York City Java Meetup

10/28/2014 @Pivotal, 625 6th Ave, NY

Tim Fagan @Lab49


Tim summarized some of the new items recently presented at the #JavaOne conference in San Francisco. There, the main emphasis was on describing the new features available in #Java8, which is the default download version of #Java and will replace Java7 in 2015. Topics were

1.JSON reader as part of the language into JsonStructure; Tim talked about the new structures to read, write and update Json structures.

2.Async processing within an HttpServlet. This makes it easier to write code to minimize the risk of blocking a thread when either reading or writing to other services.

3.avatar.js – server-side only JVM using structure like node.js. Facilitates structures in which java threads communicate with the node app by making calls to it and then waiting for a callback.

4.avoiding SQLlinjection – a way to hack into sites taking advantage of the jsessionID cookie which is used so you don’t need to relogon to each page. Using this cookie, however, opens a vulnerability using a ‘cross-site request forgery’ in which an infected page posts a request for an unauthorized transaction using information it reads from the cookie.  Solution: create a custom header which includes a secret token as a hidden input that was originally from the secure web site. Add the token to the header when you do a post response. But you don’t need to protect all your pages, just those vulnerable to unauthorized transactions.


5.JavaFX – replacement for Swing: 3d support, printing, new controls, CSS improvements, GPC acceleration on Linux,… create shapes wrap them with images to make an object. Can also translate in a direction, rotate around an axis, etc. Separate object from the motion controller. Tim walked through code showing how easy it is to animate objects.

6.on mobile – can use JavaFX port to Android and IOS. Special APIs to access GPS, etc. does not require a separate VM download. Sources: roboVM – iOS and lodgON for Android

7.internet of things – e.g. Thalmic Myo – sensor on your arm ; Leap Motion – sophisticated APIs (two hands and a pointer device); TheEyeTribe – looks at your eyes and tell you what you are looking at. ; Parrott AR.Drone 2.0 ; NAO robot – all run using Java

For the videos see:


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