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Everyone likes Brisket, rJS a love story, Google Closure

Posted on October 16th, 2014

NYCHTML5, #nychtml5

10/15/2014 @ Conde Nast, 4 Times Square, NY

Three presentations on tools for web development using #JavaScript


Google Closure: an overview – Erik Schmidt – @3rikschmidt

Erik described Google Closure ( a set of #JavaScript tools that optimize performance, improve the appearance of pages etc. The library is open source and used in Google products. Erik showed how sample code is compiled into JavaScript code.

r.js A love story – Joel Kemp @mrjoelkemp at @Behance:

Joel described how Behance/Adobe developed tools and procedures to speed the building of web pages. Behance uses RequireJS + Grunt. The goal was to speed JavaScript builds which original took 2 ½ minutes. The JS code was grouped in 75 bundles so each page need only load the code needed rather than the entire suite of code. However, a single piece of code is often contained within multiple bundles each of which need to be Uglified.

The process was sped up by uglifying the code chunks first and then loading the compiled chunks into the 75 bundles. Further speed ups were obtained by not only compiling vendor code when new versions were used. Eventually the bundle creation process will be designed so bundles are only reassembled when new code has been updated.


Everyone likes Brisket – Wayne Warner @wawjr3d

Brisket is isomorphic framework that works like backbone. It is used to power new Bloomberg websites. Perceived loading speed is it’s key advantage. Brisket optimizes its perceived loading speed using several techniques including the ability of user’s to see images and click on links before JS is fully loaded and the duplication of execution by the server and clients sides.

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