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Posted on October 28th, 2014

NYC D3.js meetup

10/27/2014 @Pivotal, 625 6th Ave, NY

Two presentations showed how #d3 is used to create #interactiveGraphics.


In the first presentation, Paul Levande, originally from #Westport, CT, showed an interactive tool he developed to display the presidential voting preferences of the 23 towns in Fairfield county CT. Taking town-by-town voting records since the 1924 elections, he created a two panel display. The left display was a scatter plot comparing the percentage of voters voting for the Democratic presidential candidate for any two elections. The years of the x and y axes were selected by dropdown menus. The right display was a line graph showing the percent voting Democrat from 1924 to 2012 with each town represented as a separate line. Data for each election and town appears when points are clicked and lines for each town can be highlighted by clicking on the line


The second presentation was presented by several speakers from @Objectlab, a boutique consulting firm. They used d3 to create a monitoring tool showing #Sony music’s #digitalSupplyChain. The #graph is a real time monitoring visualization with aggregated history – number of packages that are in the pipeline. Green is good and red shows a delay in the process. The right side shows production over the last 60 minutes at 1 minute intervals. The left side shows 1 and 2 hour aggregations. They also presented the code and described the backend architecture that served the data. The code is available at

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