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Intro to Game Prototyping by Josh DeBonis @joshdebonis

Posted on September 18th, 2014

NYC Games Forum

9/18/2014 @ Microsoft 8th Ave between 41 and 42, NY

Summary: Josh DeBonis provided excellent insights into his process for making games, both board games and video games. He emphasized the need to start with a theme and test the game concept using “paper prototypes”: First on himself and then on others (both familiar testers and new recruits). The game building process is iterative throughout development.

He generates game ideas by considering the following based on his theme:

  1. What is playful? What is interesting about X?
  2. What is systematic? What can be measured or evaluated?
  3. What is active? What actions can you do on the systems?

Josh talked about the processes to create two of his games: Meriwether and Killer Queen. He also illustrate the process by having meeting participants go through the process of creating list of playful, systematic and active attributes for Ramen noodles.

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