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JerseyScript and the Goblet of Fire

Posted on July 29th, 2014

JerseyScript and the Goblet of Fire

 Jersey Script  #BostonJs #javaScript #js

Atul Varma ( / @toolness) , Sean West (, John Feminella  (, @jxxf on Twitter, @fj on GitHub) 

7/29/2014 Indiegrove – Coworking Space, 121 Newark Ave, 5th Floor, Jersey City, NJ 

Three talks presented two tools and some whimsy.

Sean asked why we need to store files on our local computer before we need them and why we need to have a separate download and install process before running a program. For Linux and Apple, FUSE avoids this using a foundational concept from, the original Unix: all communications are treated as accessing a file. In Fuse, external files are treated as local files and only imported when needed. Google has developed Fuse for Windows.

Atul presented minigames as entertainment and a tool to teach programing. Minigames run on the web and take seconds to play. Classic minigames include ‘dumb ways to die’ – (what not to do in the Melbourne subway) and warioware microgames games. Minigames have been developed using a wide range of tools include scratch, waterbear, thimble, impact, elm, unity, haxe, emscripten. In addition, has a javascript library, Tinygame.js  (see http://minica.,de/docs for documentation).  There are many advantages in using minigames as a teaching tool: short programs, simple structure, failure does not affect other programs.

John described the pitfalls in naïve use of the date and time functions. These include missing shifts from standard/daylight time, changes in offsets from UTC time and changes in the calendar by governing bodies.

He showed pitfalls of naively converting from UTC to local time and recommended using frameworks such as moment.js or XDate (faster, but misses some corner cases).

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