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I’ll come to your emotional rescue: connecting digital experiences to emotion

Posted on June 17th, 2014

NUI Central –NY Nick Langeveld @ Affectiva 6/16/2014 WeWork Labs (69 Charlton Street, NY) An  unobtrusive approach to better understand consumer responses to products and product ads. Affectiva has software to detect human emotions expressed through the facial muscles. Facial images are analyzed in real time by extracting movement and positions of key parts of the face (including the forehead, mouth, cheeks and nose). Currently measures 7 (or more) emotions, valence and expressiveness. Currently working with ad agencies to understand how people respond to advertisements with projects including ad recall and purchase intent. Versus traditional methods, the balance is between being unobtrusive and monitoring a response in real time versus the greater richness as consumers explain their views and the time delay between the initial experience and the time to verbalize their experience. The two approaches are reported to have similar levels of validity. Affectiva has created an iOS SDK (and will shortly have an Android version) so developers can build apps to analyze smartphone camera images.

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