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Creating Product Information Videos that inform, inspire, engage and entertain

Posted on June 16th, 2014

Eric Paapanen @ Oracle

6/16/2014 @ Kaltura Connect – Marriott Essex House, NY

Excellent presentation on creating videos. Goals when creating a video:

  1. Informative
  2. Inspiring
  3. Engaging
  4. Entertaining

To create an engaging video

  1. Create engaging topic. Customer feedback, forums, online survey, polls
  2. Tell a story – how viewer seems himself in the story – beginning, middle, end; problem statement and solution;…
  3. Careful planning – continuity; buy-in from stakeholders; storyboard; script or talking points
  4. Think in shots – keep it moving visually; keep shots short (< 5 seconds); pan-n-zoom; callouts; highlights
  5. Composing shots – rule of 1/3’s – divide into 3×3
  6. Callouts – focus attention; keep text short and display for a short period of time (to avoid distractions)
  7. Animations  – alternative to slides; illustrate concepts —- Camtasia for moving things around the screen also adobe creative team for more advanced tools
  8. Voice-overs – practice,practice, practice; LSEDIFY (let someone else do it for you – hire a pro); foreshadowing (e.g. a knock on the door, then cut to another scene)

Frequent errors when producing videos  –

  1. Scenes too static
  2. voiceover that does not sync with display

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